Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busta Rhymes & T-ara CLASH! --->...Dangerous Bo Peep Bo Peep

LOL, I was tired of makin' such boring plain titles, so I wanted this blog post to sound more epic, naw meaaaan. Anyways, peep game...(no pun intended on Bo Peep)...I did a new mash-up of this new K-Pop group by the name of T-ara. Add Busta to anything and it will always get a party POPPIN'. Fams brings the crazy energy. Anyways, if you heard the "Bo Peep Bo Peep" song already, this should give you a more exciting energetic outlook on it.

Btw, I'ma def try and post on mah blog more, haha. 2010 gon be a big year, I'm tellin' yall. I hope yall had a great Christmas. I'll be at home playin' mah new Xbox 360 ("ded or alive 4" has to be teh bestest gaem of all lifes).