Saturday, May 29, 2010

DJ Ezasscul - An Art Called Music [Trailer + Full Free Album Download]


1 - Time Passes (Intro)

2 - Good Looks Homie

3 - NIght Rises

4 - So In Love

5 - The Gift Of Loving

6 - Walking On Thin Ice (feat. T-Beats)

7 - I'm Satisfied

8 - Looking Foward

9 - At Last... Peace

10 - Love Ballad

11 - Rise Of The Samurai

12 - Head Banger

Phantasm VTS Presents:

An Art Called Music (Promo)

By DJ Ezasscul

All tracks produced by DJ Ezasscul.

All artwork and music (aside from sampled material)

is © The World Is Nothing But

Phantasm, Ricky Lascaze (DJ Ezasscul), and Nick Millner (Superobo).


***The album mix (blending of songs) you hear in

this trailer was done by Superobo (The blending by Superobo was

NOT done in the order of the official tracklist. It was done in terms of

what could flow into what)***

***Video trailer done by me (FreshGalaxy)***


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